How to Get a Business Visa Extension in India

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The requirements for a business indian visa extension are as follows:

  • The foreign national should be a person of assured financial standing.
  • The gross sales/turnover from the business activities for which the foreigners has been granted visa is not less than 1 Crore per annum (to be achieved within 2 years from the setting up the business).
  • The foreign national should not be visiting India for the business of money lending or fur running a petty business or petty trade or for full time employment in India, etc.
  • The foreign national shall comply with all other requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc.
  • The foreign national should not be an undesirable person and not the subject of a black list or any warning circular or other restrictive list.
  • First extension on Business visa shall be granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Further extensions, if required, may be granted by the State Governments/UT administrations/FRROs/FROs on year-to-year basis continued business activity and no adverse inputs, security related or otherwise, about the foreigner.
  • The period of extension shall not be beyond five years from the date of issue of the ‘Business’ visa.
  • If the extension of visa is denied by MHA/FRRO/FRO/State Govt/UT Administration, the foreigner shall leave India forthwith on expiry of the period of validity of the visa.
  • The copy of the intimation to the local Police Station, if the applicant is residing in private House/Flat in a Building/Society as a Tenant/ Paying Guest. Thereafter, the foreign national has to leave the country and re-enter on fresh visa.

Documents to be submitted for registration and extension:

  • Original valid Passport and Visa
  • Prescribed registration and extension forms duly filled. (To be filled on computer terminals at this office)
  • Four passport size photographs (4cm × 4cm with clear background, ears distinctly visible, without spectacles and caps)
  • Resident permit book available at office for Rs.25/-
  • Letter from the person or firm (from India) with whom a foreigner intends to participate in a business with mentioning the type of business, volume of business in current year, etc
  • Copy of bill of lading or invoices
  • Undertaking in the prescribed format on the letterhead of the company, duly signed by authorised signatory mentioning name and contact number, taking responsibilities of the foreigner during his / her stay in India and to repatriate the foreigner at their cost if situation arose
  • Bank remittance showing that he / she is a person of assured financial standing
  • Copies of passport (photo page) and (page indicating validity), page bearing arrival stamp of Indian Immigration
  • Copy of Indian visa
  • Copy of P.A.N card and Income tax papers for current assessment year along with Challan of TDS deposited in Bank
  • Copy of Indian passport /copy of election card of a person signing undertaking
  • Contract or assignment letter with company
  • Proof of Residence i.e. copies of Electric bill/Telephone bill/Leave & Licence agreement
  • As per new guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, "Business" visa can not be extended beyond the period of 5 years from the date of issue of original visa

Apart from the afore mentioned documents, additional supportive documents can be asked for in certain cases.
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