How to Transfer Bike Through Train

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There are two ways you can transport a bike by train– either as luggage or as a parcel. The former means that you can take your bike along with you in the same train, while in the latter case, the railway authorities will be deciding which train will be transporting your bike.

Booking as a Parcel

  • Go to the parcel office a day before you want to let go of your bike. Find out the various charges involved and the expected time of arrival of your bike.
  • Get your bike’s registration certificate and insurance photocopied and take them along with you.
  • Carry a pen and a felt-tip marker with you. This is to prepare an identifying plate in front of your bike if your packers and movers do not have them.
  • Only a miniscule amount of petrol is tolerated by the railways. Make sure you have the least amount of petrol in the bike.
  • Have the bike securely packed by a packer.
  • Go to parcel office, book put a value on your bike. Mention the bike’s engine and chassis number in the parcel form.

Booking as Luggage

  • Go to the booking office one day prior to your journey and have a look around.
  • Get photocopies of your bikes registration as well as insurance.
  • Pack the bike just like it was done for parcel.
  • Book the bike as luggage; keep the luggage receipt and the endorsement with your train ticket. These two are required for you to get your bike back.
  • Make sure your bike is moved to the right platform.
  • Wait for the train and make sure your bike is loaded.
  • After your journey, go to the luggage release office. You will have to show your original ticket and luggage endorsement
  • Go to the platform to release your parcel.

Tracking Your Bike’s Delivery

You can enquire at the parcel office about the delivery of your bike. They will tell you when the bike is being transported, how long it will take to be delivered, and when it will be delivered.


  • Packing/ porter charges- Rs.150 to 200/-
  • Total cost of transporting bike through railways is calculated using distance and weight of the parcel.
  • Refer to these sites to help calculate charges:

Railway parcel charges

Railways parcel charges calculator

  • Fine for transporting bike with fuel in the tank: Rs.1000Fine for transporting bike with fuel in the tank: Rs.1000

(In certain cases, the railway police force may level criminal charges against you if you are found to be transporting the bike with fuel in the tank, along with a threat to put you behind bars to a period of 6 months to 2 years. You must know that apart from the fine, no other charges can be levelled against you.)

Charges for Insurance:

  • A nominal insurance charge is collected based on the value of the bike. This charge is a part of the parcel cost.
  • The higher the value of your bike is, the higher the insurance fee. Declare the value of the bike as per your convenience.
  • Up till a value of Rs.10,000, there are no extra charges. Beyond that, the insurance charges are extra 1% of the declared value.
  • If the bike is lost (e.g. the train suffers an accident etc., the Indian Railways repays the declared value of the goods)
  • On the parcel form, mention the bike’s engine and chassis number as well as the fact that it is packed and free from fuel.

Important Points to Remember

If you are unable to unload your bike from the train at your destined station, you can choose to book your parcel to the nearest major station. The bike can be collected within the next 24-48 hours free of charge. Extra charges are levied it parcel is not collected within the stipulated time limit.  Make sure you carry your original ticket, a copy of it and the luggage booking receipt with you when you go to get it released.

Booking Timings :

Booking as parcel- 10pm to 5pm

Booking as luggage- Service is open 24/7

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