How to Track the Status of a Driving Licence in Bangalore

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According to the citizen's charter of Karnataka RTO, driving license is issued after one day of passing the driving test. If DL is not issued within this time-frame, follow the instructions stated below:

  • Have a copy of the citizen's charter while enquiring on the status of the license. This can be used to seek an accurate response as citizen’s charter is used to bring about accountability in government processes.
  • You can even carry a written complaint and hand it to the senior officials if you are facing unnecessary delays. This can draw attention to your case by senior officials and they may scrutinize the lower officials.
  • Otherwise, file an RTI application to check the status of your license. The process can take longer than 2 months.
  • There is also an option of seeking time-bound service based on Sakala (Guarantee of Services to Citizens). The maximum number of days that may take for the delivery of the service is 30 days. On failure of service delivery, the maximum number of days for the service delivery is 45 days after the matter goes to the appellate authority. This is as mentioned in the official website -

However, there is no greater satisfaction than having resisted paying bribes to corrupt officials.

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