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Good Officer in DVAT Department Delhi

Reported on December 09, 2014 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #47998

Hi Friends,

On October 21, Pre Diwali, I visited Dvat Offfice 8th Floor,Ward 84, Delhi to obtain Registartion Certificate (Dvat+sales tax) for my Company. As this was my first visit to DVAT Office, i asked to a staff to issue me RC for my Company. He then introduced to me Mr. Ajay(The Peon), i was wandering since when peon are handling officer Job.
When i told the matter to Peon(Mr. Ajay,two more guys, and a Record Keeper), he told me "you have to pay 5000 to get RC for Pvt Ltd firm". I was not expacting that much from Peon. So I requested him to settle at 1000 & he refused and told me to come next day with more money. I got frustrated & i planned to return, then suddenly i thought i must talk to Asst. Commissioner Mr SP Tyagi first, before come to any conclusion about govt office and their style of functioning.
Also i want to check whether CM and PM had leave any impact on these People.
So i spoke to Mr Tyagi when he comes out of his cabin. He seems to be nice person, i tell him politely i need RC for my PVT Ltd firm. He then asked few question related to my business and my age. He instructed his juniors to issue me RC . Again i have to face junior staff(Peon, Sunil,Manish) and they(4 junior staff) seems very unhappy as i talked to Mr Tyagi directly and he clearly told juniors issue me RC . Peon went inside cabin to reconfirm with Asst. Commissionar, as i was waiting outside. As I was asked to wait outside till i get my RC and i see faces of Juniors & Peon are Red and it was like Asst Commissionar had asked to handover his Both Kidney to me. Once Peon comes out of Commissionar Cabin, I was haapy to see his face.
But Peon was real bastard and was still trying to get some amount out of my pocket, Now he was talking to for only his CUT 1000 which i was previously agreed to pay, but not now after meeting Mr. Asst Commissionar.
Then i made my mind i will not pay a single penny to them would love to see what worsted could be happen. However i have to wait couple of more hours outside of Ward 84 against my decision not to pay bribe. The more i was waiting outside more my commitment was becoming stronger. And Finally i was handed over my RC at 4 PM. I was very happy at least i made it or tried to not to pay Bribe.
Finally i got my Dvat and Sales Tax registration Certificate.
I don't know what Mr. Asst Commissionar had previousely but in my case he done a good job. It was his junior who makes money on the name of senior staff. General People have perception that senior staff are more corrupt thats why junior ask on thier behalf, That might be true, but not in my case. I have also seen that few broker and person comes and paid the bribe to Peon and he process those work on priority basis. If anyone want to catch Mr Ajay (Peon) & Other Junior Staff you can catch him any point of time.

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