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  • 20 days ago

Demanding money everymonth

Reported on January 29, 2018 from Marigaon , Assam  ι Report #178079

I'm a kerosene depot manager.. I have to submit our monthly written to food and civil supply office to Mr Sasi bordoloi ( senior assistante ) every m...Read more

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  • 21 days ago

I Paid A Bribe

Reported on January 28, 2018 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #178064

I Paid A Bribe And I Want To Stay Anonymous...Read more

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  • 21 days ago

Verification Fees

Reported on January 28, 2018 from Vadodara , Gujarat  ι Report #178058

Name: Bharat Bhai Date of the incident: 15 January 2018 Time of the incident: 5:30 pm Location of the incident: Gotri Police Station, Vadodara, Gujara...Read more

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  • 23 days ago

Khata bribe is rampant in all BBMP offices

Reported on January 26, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #178004

I had to change Khata in my name after purchasing 30x40 site in JP Nagar. When I applied for Khata transfer, nothing happened for 2 weeks. When I fo...Read more

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  • 26 days ago

Police verification for passport

Reported on January 23, 2018 from Shimoga , Karnataka  ι Report #177921

Kumsi Police station, Constable Paramesh Naik and Computer operator Praveen took INR 700 and 300 each for my Passport verification on 13th jan (Time 3...Read more

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  • 26 days ago

Bribe Paid

Reported on January 23, 2018 from Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #177899

I paid the bribe twice to two different officers on two different occasions-one were two policemen from Indirapuram thana who had come to physically v...Read more

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  • 26 days ago

Milk the tourist

Reported on January 23, 2018 from Margao , Goa  ι Report #177898

In goa most traffic checkpoints, it seems, are not there in order to regulatecthe traffic but to enhance the pocket money of the police. the main targ...Read more

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  • 27 days ago

Not having my car papers

Reported on January 22, 2018 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #177677

On seventeenth of December 2017, I was driving my auto from home to office. Lamentably, I neglect to take my auto papers with me on that specific day....Read more

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  • 29 days ago

Had to pay bribe for each Driving Licence applications

Reported on January 20, 2018 from Jamshedpur , Jharkhand  ι Report #177483

Officers in the transport department is taking bribe for each application. I have submitted my application on 20th Jan 2018 in Transport Department. O...Read more

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  • 29 days ago

Paid bribe for house registration

Reported on January 19, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #177405

Had to pay 18,000 for getting the registration done for my apartment. This was at the Office Of The Sub Registrar #S No 8,J P Nagar,Amruth Nagar Main ...Read more