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Customs officer stole my sunglass

Reported on March 25, 2011 from Cochin , Kerala  ι Report #32286

I Did not pay a bribe but the customs officer stole from my baggage.

I had moved out of India a few years back and my brother in law sent some of my personal goods via air freight through Cochin. The customs officer who inspected the contents of the package stole a Police brand sunglasses which was gifted to me by my wife on my birthday. The glasses have a sentimental value and even after about four years I still think of this. Everytime I happen to pass through Cochin airport I mention this incident to the check in staff and customs and shame them. I wanted to report this incident as it is quite possible from duty registers to find out which officer inspected my luggage. However the customs and excise website at that time did not have an area to report incidents or log complaints. I dont know if it does have one now. But Corruption and bad practices are ingrained in the customs department as well like in the tax department.

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