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Did not pay a single penny to get my shipment cleared

Reported on January 21, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #33229

I relocated from the US to India in mid-2010 and shipped a good deal of personal belongings. I had only been in the US for 23 months, and the rule is that personal belongings can be imported tax-free only if the person has stayed abroad for 24 months or more. Since I returned due to business reasons at my workplace, my employer provided me a letter supporting my request to exempt me from paying duty. Yet, most of my friends said I would have to bribe the customs officials or end up paying a huge amount as duty. Their fears were unfounded. The IAS officer at the customs office favourably considered my request, and the inspector who inspected all my goods also turned out to be a very decent and courteous man. After spending half a day for getting my belongings cleared, I felt a strong sense of achievement that it happened without my having to pay a single penny.

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