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Bribe for passport verification

Reported on May 25, 2017 from Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #164080

Please just stop sending police for address verification..instead send any loyal officer other than police...police just come to collect bribe and they don't have manners to speak...the police officer who came for my parents passport verification called them thrice. The passport official employee said that there is no police visit required for renewal of old passport. Even though we have received passport dispatch status message on our mobile and this was also communicated to police officer by passport authority who was coming for verification. And as soon as police officer got that message of dispatch status he was excited and in rush to get the bribe before our passport delivery. He called us thrice and was eager to meet us asap. When he came next day for visit, he was fully prepared with his documents just to show us that how much of hard work he did for this verification. But actually he didn't just because this is the case of renewal of passport.

Then he opened his mouth and demanded for bribe. My dad told him that we have already got the dispatch message from the passport authority and they will deliver in couple of days. Then he straight away said that "No it is still pending with us and our approval is mandatory". After that he said that i am not only keeping this bribe in my pocket. I have to distribute this money to upper level officers as well. That was really surprising for us and finally he took 800 bucks after bargain. Please take some action against these police officers or either stop sending police for verification of address.

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