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Reported on December 15, 2016 from Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala  ι Report #140179

I taken one year used LG LED TV worth AED 2, 200, 000 from Dubai to Tiruvananthapuram Airport. and i had original bill also but the customs officer MOHAN.C.PILLAI asked bribe to release the Goods. i am ready to pay what is the tax as per my Bill but he was not accepted. he expected more bribe from me AED 400 + Rs.2000 as a bribe and i paid AED 450 to the Customs( As per his idea he said to say 3 year old TV) . i was declined then he behave very worst like animal and very rude totally i paid Rs.17000 for Customs only for Rs.40000 worth TV. Otherwise he said to leave the TV in the Airport.
but near by me some malayali peoples also having TV .They paid very less Amount. They are giving bribe and paying very less amount. Really i feel very worst about his behavior, Officer Name MOHAN.C.PILLAI (CUSTOMS OFFICER)

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