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Bribe not only in India

Reported on April 21, 2011 from Bangarapet , Karnataka  ι Report #9097

Dear Readers,

Bribe and corruption is not only in India our officials are No.01 in even other countries. In Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, "Indian International School Jeddah" is benefiting from Indian community, they are charging for admission every student in saudi riyals which Iam converting in Indian Rupees = Building fund around RS.12,000 + Rs.5,600 Admission fee, + Rs.2,500 nonrefundable transportation fee, + Sr.570 Registration fee, Rs.600 Miscelllaneous fee which comes Total around Rs.25,000 for every student here there are around 1,000 students getting admission every year and they are charging this sort of fees since 1970 Questuion is where is this amount going moreover they have increased the monthly school fee for 40% which is around Rs.1000 per student and around 4,000 students are studying by the increase in monthly fees indian community is have been effected so we Indian community in Jeddah request some body to help us by complaining to the higher authorities in India to check the accounts of Indian Schools in Saudi Arabia and to help Indians by revising the monthly fee hike because the Principal of the School is never available to discuss this issue. If some body need more clarification on this issue can contact any Indian in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Here we cannot complaint to anybody because many officials are involved in this scam

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