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Cost of sim which is free

Reported on May 17, 2016 from Agra , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #104132

I am a consumer holding reliance CDMA sim mobile no. 9319112742. As per SMS received from reliance for collecting new 4G sim from Reliance store, I contacted S.B.Enterprises Jaipur House Agra - 282002 today and ask for new sim. He gave me 4G sim No. - 8991220034051882699 and ask Rs.100/- for migration recharge of Rs.97/- from old to new sim. I paid him the money.
After return from his shop, when I contacted reliance customer care and found that recharge of Rs97/- has not been done instead a recharge of Rs1/- has been done knowingly, customer care representative told me to contact again from reliance store for recharge of Rs97/- or to take money back as recharge can be done later. When I again contacted from the shop, he gave me refund of my money but took back the 4 G sim given to me which was free as per reliance representative of customer care.
As the message required to be given to reliance has already been given, my new sim has been held by the S.B.Enterprises, Reliance store illegally. It appears that he has hold my sim so that some loss can be put to me and is not ready to give sim without payment of Rs100/- or any receipt of Rs100/-.
Kindly arrange so that I can get my sim back without any bribe of Rs100/-

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