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False allegation of violation,Traffic police misuse their power

Reported on January 15, 2016 from Proddatur , Andhra Pradesh  ι Report #89363

I am MAHESWARA REDDY around 1:30pm near sivalayam center PRODDATUR I am sitting in my car taken side waiting for my family, the traffic police came and scold me, I am replied why are you scold me you have no rights, then the traffic police officers raised me one of the police officer sitting on my car go police station then we will discussed. I am also said I am not do any mustache so I am not fear. Then we are going to traffic police station near rajiv circle PRODDATUR. After we reached the constable go inside of police station after 2 minutes came with another 4police officers. All police officer's asked some question like what's your name, your place, why are you come hear. I am also replied MAHESH, NELLORE and pongal celebration. On police office he is in civil dress this is not your place be carefully and so many words they used. After some time I replied I am not blocked any traffic I am in sitting in my car car engine also not stopped, I am waiting for my family but your officers scold me. Then all police officers serious on me the civil dress police caught my short and once again scold me.. Then I am replied wait my phone is in my car my ladies are waiting for me. The police officers said pay challana for no parking, traffic violation and cellphone driving.after some some other people come to near station then police officer release my shirt. Then I am call to my friend regarding this issue, my came immediately with in minutes. Then one police officer call to their superior talked on NELLORE person is Create valiance in station and go to inside station. My friend also talked to some local persons after some time one of the police officer pay Rs.200 for no parking. My friend also say py Rs.200 we talk after.

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