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I was driving my car with my friend at the side and unintentionally...

Reported on March 6, 2015 from Siliguri , West Bengal  ι Report #53353

I was driving my car with my friend at the side and unintentionally ran a signal at Darjeeling More and eventually was pulled over. The date was either 26th or 27th of January (most likely 27th) and it was evening time. The office was not of a high rank rather a low.
After pulling me over i was asked for papers and licence. I'd forgotten to bring my license and i didn't know where my father put the papers. So i hesitated and the officer collected 2 more officers around the car and started making fun of me for not having the documents. Then one more officer came saying that a senior officer was coming and then all the officers panicked. They quickly asked me for Rs 600 but i had only Rs 200 on me and so i gave that. They took it probably because of the fear that their senior was coming and if he came then they would get nothing.
When i look back at it, i know i got a sweet corruption deal because people here bribe about 6-7 times more
I hope you can do something to stop it.

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