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NRI...."Sir is not in today, we can do anything for you...." Liar

Reported on June 6, 2011 from Navsari , Gujarat  ι Report #8295

This morning, as every morning, I checked the BBC.co.uk and saw the news about this website and thought I must report my case.
Couple of years ago I went to India and had to overstay as I was getting engaged. I was in Navsari and did my application at Juna Thana and the man took my application and said if you don’t want to wait for the post you can go direct to the police station and see the appropriate department. I went through the proper procedure and did the application with my photos and passport and letters from the local Nagar Palika and everything.
Part of the process is the Police people need to do the check and approve and sign etc….they kept delaying every application. Every time I went the man said the “Bade Sahab (His Boss)” is away, or not in the office come back later….once I went to the office in the afternoon and he had closed the doors and was sleeping in the office on the floor with his blanket and all (this is during his office hour where he should be seeing people who are waiting for him)……. Woke him up and he told me to come the next day….I was approaching my departure date so was in a rush…. I went to see him late afternoon and he took me outside of the office and said “Saheb is away and don’t know when he will come back…..what do you want to do…….” With a smirk on his face…so I have him about 400 rupees…. He gave me the doc and went to see another officer, who in front of all his colleagues told me to drop some money in his open drawer……. I dropped 50 rupees only although he wanted a lot more…….
I was so sure of myself that I would never give bribe to someone but I had no choice. I still feel bad as I hate the bribe takers in India. If I had not given him the money I would have missed my flight, or if I had gone to the airport and they found out I overstayed without permission they would have taken me to the police or made me pay a hefty “fine” which would only end up in someone’s pocket…..
If anyone knows Navsari, this is the offices that are past the police station go up the steps on the right and they have a big water tank and the place where they keep confiscated vehicles and alcohols and all….
My cousin had to give bribe to police man near the check post of the town called **********. 50 Rupees as he was not wearing a helmet…..

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