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PassPort Verification at Thana **********

Reported on June 7, 2011 from Muktsar , Punjab  ι Report #7814

Last Year, I wanted to get my passport verified by the local police. As I was a novice, my dad arranged a meeting with the poloiceman (i donno if he ws an inspector) so that I could personally ********** him and get my identity verified.
When everything was done, while leaving my dad asked about the amount of time that will be taken for the passport to reach home, the policeman said, it would require quite some time to reach the premises. My father was cunning enough to understand his intentions and put forward Rs 200. But he was unwilling and said "Enne Wich ki Banda hai Bhai Saab". So when my dad was about to offer the heavier note, I protested. My dad explained the scenario and so did the policewala. At last I had to give up to get my curling tail straight.
- *******

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