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Traffic violation, No receipt

Reported on August 18, 2011 from Bangarapet , Karnataka  ι Report #4823

By mistake i didnt see the one way sign, I never break traffic rules by intension.
Then a Old praffic policemen, ask me 300Rs, I said Oneway trafic violation fine is 100 / Rs so I gave gim 100. then he ran away, I followed him and asked for Reciept, We had big argument " HE said, its one and and dangerous road" i asked where it is written its dangerous...??
after long he took 50 Rs out of his ppocket and gave me, and then i did a mistake of taking it, I was surpize that was couldnt react. i am guilty of stopping the fight in middle.

I swear next time i will tke reciept watever amount it may be.

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