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Incident Place: Ayothiyapattinam village Sub Registrar office People…

Reported on May 19, 2014 from Salem , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #41041

Incident Place: Ayothiyapattinam village Sub Registrar office
People do drama between Post office and Sub Registrar office.

My marriage was arranged and I wanted to register my marriage get the certificate. Me and my wife went with our parents along with our proper certificates and details. Since our marriage was a christian marriage, registrar said she can't register it. Then she asked us to talk to a person called Vasanth. We talked to him, he said it can be registered then he asked for all the certificates. We produced our certificate. Once the application forms filled he took it that lady. She said ok to Vasanth. After sometime Vasanth came to us asked for money 3000 and we gave him 2500. When we went inside the office one of the office persons went to Vasanth weather we have given him money. Once they got confirmation then asked us for signature and thump impression. Then they asked us to leave. We went after a week to get the certificate and I was socked that they gave bill for only Rs. 170.

I had really very guilty feeling that even after studding so much without even knowing that they are asking for bribe I gave them money.

Please stop bribe, it's going on from bottom to top, we want corruption free India and Developed India.

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