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Kota drm ofice m risvat

Reported on January 2, 2019 from Kota , Rajasthan  ι Report #195759

Handling contrct dene m kai partis se khul kar paise mangte h sr dcm kota 5 lak de kar ham kam kase karnge plse action lo ...और पढ़ें

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Against bri

Reported on January 3, 2017 from Kota , Rajasthan  ι Report #144022

UIT Officer Name Jen.RahulJain,Exen.NaveenSinghal,Chairman Ram Kumar Mehta. They all wanted money for playing in public Stadium badminton court. ...और पढ़ें

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In lieu of submitting ASI return

Reported on June 19, 2013 from Kota , Rajasthan  ι Report #34717

National Sample Survey Office N K Sharma 9414392655...और पढ़ें

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Reported on July 24, 2012 from Kota , Rajasthan  ι Report #31281

I am in The Army and was ordered to travel from Kota to Mumbai on a temporary duty at a notice of one day. Although the Army gives you a railway warra...और पढ़ें

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Corruption in university

Reported on August 20, 2011 from Kota , Rajasthan  ι Report #31626

Sir, I'm ********** from Bikaner Rajasthan.I am a student of College of Engineering & technology bikaner in civil engineering.Our university is Rajas...और पढ़ें

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Waitlisted railway coach birth

Reported on August 19, 2011 from Kota , Rajasthan  ι Report #31649

To the last minute my wife was not allowed to board the A.C. coach since the wait-listed ticket was not confirmed on the platform . I had to give a hu...और पढ़ें