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Bank of Baroda, Gola Manager asked me for Bribe in form of percentage of loan amount

Reported on June 10, 2019 from Kheri , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #208101

Mr Manish, Branch Manager of Bank of Baroda Gola Branch did not pass my loan application just because I did not pay him percentage. I have a current account no. 39150200000152 in the same branch. Then later he even asked free services from my shoppe because I had my current account. Since I denied him that unpaid services and asked him to pay to my shoppe services, He grudged out against me by freezing my bank account of above number without any information. He just sent me one letter asking me to submit close-down-request. Which I did not do but I replied to the letter and asked him some questions. He did not reply the questions but proceeded to freeze the account without giving any notice or chance, which clearly shows his motives.
During all this he kept saying to me that he did not let me work properly. I really lost some amount because of active EMIs and business transactions on that current account.
BoB doesnot look towards this as they think this will taint their own manager.

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