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Didnt pay bribe at mumbai airport customs

Reported on February 16, 2011 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #32545

I didnot pay bribe at the mumbai airport. I was travelling back from US for an official trip.
The law allows you to import one laptop and the next next additional imported will attract customs duty.
I had purshased one laptop while i was in USA and i was also carrying a 2nd one which was official and was issued in India.

Customs incharge hold me and pushed me to pay customs for the imported one but i had proof that my 2nd laptop was indian as i was carrying proof for the same... I was with customs inspector for over 8 hours at the mumbai airport and was pushed to pay either bribe (inr 200)or customs duty 30% cost of laptop....
I didnt pay them any because by law i was not supposed to pay them.... The guys finally let me go from airport...

I didnt pay bribe and i feel very good about it...

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