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Soliciting or accepting bribes by police officer

Reported on November 17, 2015 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #83137

Hi this is Dinesh Malviya,
Incident happen on 14/11/2015, at 6 pm, while travelling ghatkopar to thane car name tata manza MH.02. BY 2341, i stop my car on traffic signal, at Airoli- Mulund bridge the moment signal released one or two autorikshaws passed and i put my first gear , from the opposite side the car Vento volkswagon MH.03. BJ 0986 has broke the traffic signal and crashed my car, i parked my car and ran and caught him, damage occurs ex., front bonnet and bumper, fog lamp, radiator damage, At accidental place two traffic officer also seen who broke the signal, then traffic officer suggested to go the near navghar police station, then we both party gone to navghar police station, i launch the FIR (panchnama). the police name is M/S Priyanka Ganesh kharatmal (Sub Inspector) and she is asking for money and telling me not to disclose in public, she is very rude, the police should help people, not to ask for money i.e., Soliciting or accepting bribes. I have evidence and you can check the cctv footage at Airoli-Mulund bridge who broke the signal?? According to this scenario the person who made mistakes or who broke the rules and regulation is safe. The officer i.e., M/S Priyanka kharatmal she is telling me if call to the other person asking any money for your car damge, if he launch a complaint against you will be in trouble. My point is he had broke rule not me.And the solution is not come out. The officer is talking to single person at moment for settlement at that time she is asking for money from me and that time it is also possible that she is asking for money from other party and he might be given some money ? .i.e, Soliciting or accepting bribes.....Take action against that officer(i.e, M/S Priyanka Ganesh kharatmal) and other party i.e.,Raj ratan chimanlal Thakkar..Thankyou...

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