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Mr. Waghole at Khadki underbridge

Reported on December 20, 2018 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #194979

Name of officer: Mr. Waghole
Designation: RTO hawaldaar.
Date: 20 December 2018
Time: 10:15 am
Venue: at Khadki underbridge from Khadki towards Khirkee

Incident: Mr. Waghole stopped my vehicle (Tata storme) since I jumped the second lane and tried overtaking 4-5 cars to pass through the underpass near Khadki railway station.

He made others go and made me wait for 5 minutes by standing in front of my vehicle and blocking my way when I tried to go by doing a reverse.

I had to get down from the vehicle and understand his reason for blocking my way. Only after which he let me go that too asking me to reverse my vehicle further.

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