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Traffic police receipt

Reported on March 27, 2011 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #33130

Traffic police in all coties collect undue money from commuters, but in PUNE, I came across a unique system that they are issuing fake receipts with no amount mentioned on it. As you are aware, very first they snatch your driving licence, that you feel handicapped. Then they ask for many documents, at least one document you may not be having. Then they ask for money normally 300/- or more. I saw near Nashik Phata that lady police ( ladies are not less corrupt as far as traffic police is concerned). She produced me a receipt prepared by her mail colleague, but had no ammount, I asked why there is no amount, she replied that we are just mentioning rule #, not amount. I asked then how public will come to know that you are charging proper rule & proper amount, she had no answer. I asked for her name, she was reluctant to give, then I told her if you do not spell your name, I will get your photo published in Sakal newspaper. Then readily she spared me, but I am sure, had I taken normal course, should not have straightened. But I know my single incidence of threatening will not change state of affairs. Definitely civic authorities should do something to present this type of cancer to be removed from each & every city of India. Traffic police should not be allowed to collect money like bambai ka bhai.

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