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5000 rupees just to file a FIR for misplaced a 15 yr expired passport.

Reported on October 2, 2010 from Bathinda , Punjab  ι Report #30499

I planning to visit my children overseas, and applied for a visa with the embassy. the asked me for my old expired passport and i was in this notion that "A person is only allowed to carry one passport at one time" since my old passport was expired in 2006 and i recieved my new one thhe same year.. i shredded my expired one. now i was facing this dilemma of presenting my old passport to the embassy.. so i went to file a report.. the "Munshi" asked for 10,000 rupees to file it he some how knew that i was planning to travel abroad.. in order for me to get the fir report i bargained and he was settled with 5000 rupees and filed the report in 10 minutes.. and handed me over...even then i said mera ********** mahan

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