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Alienation of Land (Conversion)

Reported on March 20, 2011 from Chamarajanagar , Karnataka  ι Report #25685

I owned about 6 acres of land. KHB acquired around 3.5 acres on the NH 212 sparing 2.5 acres for my usage on mutual negotiations
after much of toiling and moiling. To get the conversion against the remaining portion of land, I was forced bribe to every pillar and post. The land retained is adjacent to the main aspaulted Highway Road. A remark was made that there is no access to go to the land for inspection and after I paid, bribery the paper was replaced. Even though all formalities fulfilled, the final order signed by the District Authority has not reached me so far.If questioned, they say that the order has been sent by Post. When I refuse receipt, they say second copy can not be produced or signed. Hence, I'm unable to do anything except sitting a mute spectator. My incapability to write in the local language, all my requests in English are refused!!!???. My heart never wished to entertain Bribery. But the corrupt Goondas know how to squeeze and force collect the same with ********** and bull stories. If any complaint is made, important and necessary papers would be tampered or removed from our documents which we produce according to an important Official who deals in such matters. Out of fear of losing the paper one has to surrender naturally. How is it possible to tackle such ********** rooted curreption?!. Elaborative story can be discribed if at all necessary and called for.

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