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Anti piracy charge

Reported on September 18, 2011 from Satara , Maharashtra  ι Report #3867

I use to take my personal computer to my mobile shop on daily basis & my brother in my absence had seen some adult movies from internet & those were stored in my laptop.one day police people came by saying that you give your customers the facility of downloading memorycards.they took my laptop & started searching contents in laptop & they found adult clips in my laptop & were putting charge of antipiracy on me & i was offencing myself against them as i have not given any customer the service which they were putting on me & i said to them those are downloaded from internet which is free to all & not restricted.then one of the officer copied those content in his own memory card infront of me & said that this you have given to me & this is crime .they demanded me Rs 20000 to solve this matter & to let me go to my home without any criminal charges on me.after taking money he said today we have got target of Rs:-2 lakhs & we are sorry.

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