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BBMP Revenue Department - Scamming people to pay tax

Reported on July 1, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #209352

Hi Everyone

Subject- To get a Tax Id (SAS No) number to pay Tax on a property.

I applied with BBMP ARO office in Kengeri Satellite Town to get a required Property Tax Number (SAS No) on June 8th 2019, and was given a person contact number to get the status (No procedure or formal receipt was given). I did call this person every week on the status. Finally on July 1st 2019 , he told me to meet him at office for property visit. we met at the property around 1 PM, he demanded 3500 rupees to clear this file and issue the property number. The whole conversation with this person was exactly like scammer bringing in unknown factors to clear the file. He also mentioned ARO is also involved in this and hence he is demanding.

The Person who I contacted is - M Venogopal Tax Collection Officer 9972573036.
And the ARO responsible is Santhosh 9448905713.

Hope India becomes transparent country.
Santhosh Ramaiah

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