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Bribe given to release my refunds

Reported on October 6, 2019 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #214796

My refunds was pending from 15 16 16 17 and so but purposely they have kept on hold and inspite if sendi g so many mails to cpc no proper response.. all CA was asking bribe that we have 40 to 50 percent to relase your 2 lakh inr. But last i have direcrly went to income tax kautilya bhavan.. there the top level manager asked me same that within 1 week we will relase the refunds but gice me 40k for 1.50 lakh.. i told him why so much its my refund and why this bribe he told then u go to ca nothing will happen and you wil cme to me again..
This is what is india now income tax officer directly asking for bribe. Dont know when this will stop.. i m. Writing this second mail but no action has been taken.. i think this forum is wrong nothing happe ns inspite gicing crucial details..

I request someone to solve this and infuture we should stop this bribe..
I will gice all details of insptector someone should call me first.

My name Daljeet singh chandhok
My no 9819946446
I hope someone will get this solve and i
Hope will get my 40 k return frm him.


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