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Bribe in Pathira writer

Reported on October 16, 2020 from Srivilliputhur , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #225263

18 Sep at 6:25 pm
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Dear sir ,
Greetings of the day,

According to my previous mail regarding the bribe which has been collected from the srivilliputtur pathira write office of Rajamani.

This week I have done register some of my dad property to my name.
There I found he is collecting money for the bond, flag, survey, EC and money for the sub register. Without any bills..

Which is totally not acceptable to collect 1%, from the customer for the sub register.

And he is collecting 1800 ruppes for each documents, without any documentation.
I don't know how the IT department doing the VAT for these kind of business people.

My kind request please take some action and try make the things to come regular.
I have attached the documents of amount which he has requested.

Where you can take action which can assist you.

Thanking you.

Saravanan Ramaraj.

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