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Bribe paid to get NREGA Fund released.

Reported on May 16, 2011 from Ramnagaram , Karnataka  ι Report #8564

During mid feb we(a Gram Panchayat) had to pay a bribe to a person at the helm looking after the NREGA in our Ramanagaram District in Karnataka. We'd to pay a whopping Rs.45000 to that District in-Charge. Still at the end of April or may we got just Rs1000000 against our request of half a crore(actually it is more than that). All works were completed in the previous fiscal ending March31st,2010. Still the payment is pending till date. He had assured to pay us in the 1st installment Rs4000000. But we ended up getting just Rs.1000000. So what has our bribe of Rs45k done? Not only our panchayat, there were many other panchayats too that have got Rs.1000000 and odd though their request was for Rs.3000000and odd.
We felt very bad. What's the use of the bribe that we paid?

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