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Bribe to airport officer

Reported on April 13, 2018 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #181224

Dated 12/04/2018...I was travelling to bangkok ..I was carring 900us dollars in my purse.. The officer stoped me and asked how much money you are carring with you I reply sir 900 usd.. He asked me if I have bill.. But I was not carrying bill along with my us dollars.. Then he asked me to pay bribe of 200us dollars or he will seize my money.. I bribe him 200us dollars and board my flight... Dated 12/04/2018.. Time morning between 9am to 10am Location kolkata internationl departure ..Officer took me inside his office after I get my boarding pass and I was then moving towards securty check.. After bribing him I realised that many officers together catch their prey.. It was one bad day of my Life..The officer took my hard earned money...You can check cctv cameras my indigo flight to bangkok flight no 6E 75 dated 12 april 2018 boarding time 9:20 departure time 10:20

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