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Bribe to get connection

Reported on August 13, 2019 from Krishnagiri , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #211655

It's almost a year that we had applied for electricity connection to our land in Nachikuppam. Initially we waited for 4 months and then called the office. They asked us to call later, postponed it for various reasons citing material unavailability, manpower unavailable. Finally after 9 months someone asked us to pay certain amount in order to get the job done. We paid, as it was a agricultural land, and we wanted it start crops at the right season..Guess now we have to wait for the next years rainy season in order to commence our planting. We have already paid 50000 in cash, and last week another EB comes to the land and demands more money to start work. When we declined he just left..Now again we are on the eternal WAIT mode even after shelling out the money that we had kept for the development of the land. Does anyone higher up ever check the applications status, how rich these middle men have got just by extricating enormous money just to do their job. I am reporting this as I am tired and feel that the amount assigned for cultivation will be fully spent on getting a simple current connection. I remain to be anonymous as I foresee future problems, if at all we get a connection.

Think about the poor farmers who would be made to run about like this. And our PM is encouraging people to turn into farmers, but if this is the plight of a citizen trying to return to the roots, then it is justified why educated people are hesitant towards becoming farmers.

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