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Bribe traffic cop at Dabolim airport, Goa

Reported on April 29, 2018 from Panaji , Goa  ι Report #181923

I had stopped for a very short period at the Dabolim airport to drop my friend. As there is only a 5 min free waiting period at the airport I was in a rush. A traffic policeman stopped me and started asking random questions. He took my license and wouldn't give it back. I showed him all the paperwork he asked for but he kept asking me questions. As I would've had to pay money at the exit of the airport if i waited longer than 5 mins so I wanted to get over with this. It was very evident from the questions he was asking and the way he was harassing that he was after bribe. So eventually i asked him what he wanted and he came out with the truth. I was very angry and didnt want to pay but I was getting late. I tried to record the conversation on my phone. Eventually I paid him Rs. 100 and got my license back. At this point I told him that it was because of people like him that India has never been able to get out of the web of corruption. I told him i had recorded everything and would put it in the right hands. He then got paranoid and chased me to the exit of the airport where he managed to stop me and insisted to take my license again. I did not open my window and tried to drive my car past him forcefully without hurting him.

Name of the officer: Dont know
Description of the officer: He is a fat traffic policeman with a moustache. He is always stationed at the Dabolim airport. I have seen him on many occasions before. My friend was also harassed by this same officer the same way.
Designation: Dont know

I will be able to recognise him in an instant in case it comes to that

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