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Bus Permit or document required for booking bus on hire

Reported on September 29, 2015 from Satara , Maharashtra  ι Report #68176


I keep travelling to Satara - Thoseghar - Sajjangad

I keep meeting these RTO official near Sajjangad or Kaas who are checking our bus documents

We normally pay our transport bus booking company permit fees and they show us the paper with our names and our driver is uniform

I don't know which other rules we must follow for booking the bus

RTO officer last week near Sajjangad Fort Satara stopped our bus and requested us to pay fine since we had permit for satara n karad and not sajjangad he said

We agreed to pay the fine to which he objected and asked to pay rs 1100 or said will turn around the bus

Kindly let me know the rules for booking the bus i am tired of paying these bribes we goto satara to visit sajjangad fort and other beautiful places and these rto officials are just looking to create situations for us to pay bribes

Would like to meet your officer in Charge at Satara if possible to discuss regarding the rules

Dont Remember was on bike wearing googles actually two officers were present
date 27th september 2015
4 pm
near sajjangad fort
rto police maintaining traffic

Thanking You in advance

Hope you reply

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