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Change in name on Property Tax Papers

Reported on July 9, 2018 from Belgaum , Karnataka  ι Report #185413

Hello Team,

Myself Nikhil Murkumbi from Pune. I am writing on Behalf of My sister ( Residing at Belgaum)
The Office Property belongs to her husband and also on Property document her husband name is mentioned, My brother in law paid two years Property tax and also requested to change the name on the TAX papers on his name as the name on the Papers is mentioned of his Father ( My sister In Law) Someone ( Unsure about the Person name) said that it may cost around 1Lac for changing the name and his boss does all such things taking money ( According to me it is a bribe)

We dont know the actual total amount it cost for change in name on the Property tax papers, need help to know how much does it cost?

Further information I will provide if I get positive response from the responsible/trustworthy person.


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