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Cops taking the mickey!

Reported on June 15, 2012 from Pathanamthitta , Kerala  ι Report #1477

I'm a UK resident and my missus just had baby in the village of Kurianoor(Pathanamthitta, Kerala). I wanted to apply a tatkal passport for the baby as well get my wife's passport renewed quickly. The village office copper(SP) was really rude to our citizens queuing up to submit their application for a tatkal passport. He would attend cases that were backed by VIP influence first and ignoring the ordinary citizen's plea. The norm was to pay a bribe of 1000Rs. to get the application moving.

My wife described the woes of several citizens who have been queuing up for days for a passport - some of them were blessed with an opportunity abroad but their dreams have shattered with these deliberate delays from irresponsible not-so-civil servants.


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