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Corrupt cops increased their bribe rates due to increase in fine rates

Reported on July 2, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #209405

Yesterday, I was being caught by traffic police and the reason was bike silencer alteration. The lady traffic cop was so much corrupt that she started asking a bribe of 1500 to leave my bike orelse she said I need to pay 3500 in court if given notice.I requested her to give me chance to change my silencer but she didn't listened and started warning me continuously. Since, i don't wanted to roam to court so finally i made my mind to give bribe of 1500. Now due to the amendment of traffic fines this kind of cops increased their bribe rates. If a common man do mistakes then we need to pay fine but what about this kind of cops.Govt is so much corrupt that only target to loot only common man by putting all huge fines on a common man but no actions against these cops or corrupt people.I know i did mistake by changing silencer but there should be at-least some warning with less fine if caught for first time. Plz don't make any amendment with a loop holes and in this amendment the biggest loop hole is corrupt cops.I am completely frustrated and lost hope on the system and governance. I request some higher officials to look into this issue and take action on that lady cop and help me to keep faith on the system.I know not all will be corrupted in the system. There will be some good people too because of which our country is still safe place to leave.Plz plz don't make me lose faith on the system as well on the country because of only few bad people. I need justice and justice is to eradicate this kind of corruption.

Location : Near Axa building signal, Bangalore
Date: 1st July 2019
Time: Around 8:30 pm

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