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Disloyal officers

Reported on October 7, 2010 from Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #30405

Hi all, My cousin got a property at sarkar samakulam area and he applied for a loan becoz he is not a wealthy guy. For the loan process bank need a death certificate of the previous owner of that property so we went to the municipal office of sarkar samakulam. In that office they need to check the old register and they should issue the death certificate normal fees is very less but that municipal officer asked 1300 rs for that certificate otherwise it will take 3 0r 4 months. 1300 rs is really a big amount for us to pay we requested that officer but he said get out finally we gave 1300rs to one of his assistant within five minutes we got that certificate its really amazing but one thing I want to tell you that 1300rs is my cousin's mother(my aunty's) ********** she sold her ********** and gave the money to us. I felt very bad and another good character I came to know about that officer is, he is not showing partiality to all he is charging only 1300rs for all he dont care whether he is a wealthy guy or not, wat a loyalty....

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