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Excise dept at Anmod Ghat, Belgaum

Reported on September 27, 2020 from Belgaum , Karnataka  ι Report #224851

We four Dr. Vivekananda Kulkarni, Dr Aditya Kulkarni, Mrs Rekha Kulkarni & Dr Mrs Manisha Kulkarni along with 3 year old child Master Shlok
were travelling from Goa to Belgaum. We were carrying 3 bottles of Amrut Fusion whisky along with permit for 4 bottles issued by shop keeper.
At 2.15 PM on Sunday the 26 September 2020 we were stopped at Anmod Ghat check post. Two people in uniform & one in civil dress checked our vehicle Red colour Kia no MH 09 FJ 3113 . We declared & showed the permit & the 3 bottles. The concerned official threatened that no liquor bottle is permissible to be carried from Goa to Karnatak
He demanded Rs Four thousand only or else he would confiscate the vehicle. I told them I was carring the liquor as per the rules & ready to pay tax as per the rules but apparently one of them was drunk & he was raising voice. As We had family & child I paid Rs 4000/- & only then they let us go. I demanded for the receipt but no receipt was given.
Is this Government approved day light robbery.
I have carried 2 bottles from abroad from duty free shop, how two bottles are not allowed in between two states within India. And if infact such rules exists then the officers should show a copy to citizen.

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