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Fine for wearing music player while driving two wheeler

Reported on March 16, 2020 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #221366

I was traveling from Guindy to Koyembedu on 16th March Evening 7PM on my two-wheeler. I usually wear a music player to listen to music. That day I was wearing the same under my helmet and passing through the Ashok Pillar Police Booth. An officer wearing a mask blocked me and was shouting to other officers "mobile use, mobile use, mobile use" and then went on to grab another biker. I explained to them I was not on a call, just listening to music and its just an mp3 player that can't be connected to a phone. While I was explaining it to other officers, the officer who stopped me began to shout " seekram vaangitu anupu, neraya pidikanum" (get the money and send him soon, need to check other cases). They didn't even hear what I was saying and plainly asked how much will you give or should I put the regular fine of 1500. While I started my explanation again, the same guy shouted again to the officer i was speaking with to send me soon. I could see they were doing the same to many others in the name of checking. Finally convinced myself they won't listen to me and paid 300.

Am still not sure if using a music player or Bluetooth headset while driving is a offence.

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