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The Government Beggar

Reported on October 25, 2010 from Kanchipuram , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #30182

I came to know about your site only after seeing yesterdays NDTV Programme. So only i'm submitting my story today. Here it is:

It was approximately a year before (I don't know remember the ********** and month exactly) I received a phone call from my town's police station regarding my Passport Verification. So that day evening I went to Police station along with my mother.

Now the bribe starts. The first thing I was asked to do is to take 15 xerox copies of the letter that must be signatured by the person's confirming that the applicant is known to them.

Then I did the same and went next day and gave those letters. After verifying all my documents immediately I was asked to pay an amount Rs.500 which he asked as the processing charge. I was totally irritated but my whole family consoled me that these are the common things as we breathe in our day today life. But I wasn't at all convinced and I was forced to pay an amount of Rs.350 which we reduced after bargaining

Still whenever I think of it I'm getting frustated and irritated on that Police man. Really I'm waiting for a chance to just trash him like anything. Why I was forced for such an incident even it was everything perfect on my side?

Don't he get his salary? I think this type of activities is also the cause for making a common citizen to terrorist.

I'm not willing to continue the same in my rest of my life. Help me.

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