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  • 2 years ago

Harassed and made to pay a bribe of Rs. 100

Reported on March 20, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #158370

Mr. Ramesh (Koramangala, RTO) who is in-charge of handing out driving licenses harassed me by making me wait while there was no one else to attend to or any other work to do and also forced me to pay a bribe of INR 100 to hand over my driving license.

The license was originally dispatched to me on 02 Sep. 2016 but was apparently returned to the RTO because of non-delivery. Till date I have made 4 visits to the RTO and each time the said person made me wait for about an hour only to tell me that the post carrying my driving license is on its way back to the RTO. This was even after 3 months of the above date. Finally today he "found" my driving license but immediately asked me to apply for a postal cover that will send the driving license to my residence. When I asked if I can get it now, he said I will have to pay INR 100 and that I shouldn't come back again asking for it (that part didn't even make sense!).

I had already wasted several hours of mine and the suffered frustration all for no mistake on my part. Anyway, I tried my best not to pay the bribe but had to succumb in the last moment.

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