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Intentionally delaying procedures so that he can get money

Reported on April 30, 2019 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #204860

Name of officer : Sharath.
Date of incident: 25/4/2019
Time of incident :4:22 pm
Location of incident: MS Ramaiah medical college, ground floor, counter number 25.

I admitted the baby to NICU on 24/4/2019 , next I wanted to claim Esi benefit for my child. So I went to this guy and asked for procedures, he gave me a form and told me to meet me in the evening. But I wanted to complete all the things as early as possible. But this guy was not at all caring about it.. He just kept telling me it's not possible to do it today, and to come the next day...
Then on 25th , I collected all relevant documents and went to him, he initiated the process and then gave me his number and told me to go to SMC ESI binnipet. Then to send a email, he repeatedly kept delaying, finally after about half an hour I pleaded him saying "if u want money I will give , but plz send email ". Then immediately after 2 minutes, he sent the email.. Then after I met him he asked me to give 2 thousand, but I pleaded him that I don't have so much amount and gave him 500, so that he will not cause any further issues in future.. I have a proof of paying him 500 through paytm also...
Plz take action against this guy, because lot of people come here with lots of difficulties and pains, but he is not at all concerned with their issues. He just wanders people so that they get fed up and offer him money..
If possible u yourselves can make a sting operation, to find out his intentions.
I just want you to warn him I initially, but if he still doesnt change his ways, then take strict action...
Whatever I have said is genuine, I just want to bring this to ur notice and warn him so that he doesn't play with poor people's time and money...

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