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Khatha Transfer applied nothing done till now

Reported on December 2, 2018 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #193812

Khatha Transfer applied on 20 January 2018 for property Khata transfer from mother name to my name the revenue inspector Mr Mallikarjun +919113625989 available in BBMP Tulasi Thota office taking bribe of 27000 rupees on 24th February for Khata transfer till now there is no work done in this regard ward number 109 Chickpet even after several days of continuous follow up there has not been any work done in this regard now during the end of the year the officer is asking to pay the tax for the other transfer to complete the officer demanded money buy pressurizing that work will not be done if not paid had been worst experience in this office for the Khata transfer they threaten indicating that we will take legal action for for some of the documents not being submitted in fact all the relevant documents are submitted several letters were given for processing Khata transfer every time whenever we go for asking the status the officer miss guides and indicates that there is a holiday or there is a meeting are there is transfer of power from officer to officer likewise still the work is not been done since one year

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