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For land khatha as it comes under 79 a) & b

Reported on May 8, 2011 from Tumkur , Karnataka  ι Report #8702

Tahasildar & Acs are taking the advantageous of karnataka land reforms Act which states that the officials with more than 2 lac cannot purchse land under 79 a) & b) . If a money is paid then the law is not applicable & the things will get settled by the authourities . Govt makes some rules with good intention and the same is missused by the implementing mechinaries or politicians may also getting share for creating such new meaningless ordienses which provides opportunuties to rob people . ooops great india. solution for this act :- (1) incrrease the limit from Rs 2 Lac to highter amount for elegibility (2) Keep the amount same and see that there should not be any bribe role implement it at 100% by the corrupt officers. ********** Hazare can find solutions for entire corruptions and malpractices in India .I request God to give him more strength and capacity to handle pretending politicians to plug corruptions. Thanxs . 5622.

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