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Marriage registration was not being done at Peenya sub registrar office bangalore

Reported on January 12, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #146167

I got married last year and wanted to register my marriage. So i went to Bytranyapura Sub registrar office where I had already confirmed that my address comes in their jurisdiction when i had gone to buy form. But when i went there with all documents they said it does not come in their area and I have to go to Peenya sub registrar office for the same.
There after I went to Peenya office who also said the same thing. I put up a fight and thus it was proved that my house comes in peenya office as my property was also registered there.
The clerk there started checking my documents and he was trying to find issues with my documents which were not there. Then he said the witnesses who has already signed on my application need to be psychically present at sub registrar office, which is not the case.
When I confronted the clerk he called his senior and he also said the same.
I returned back to home and contacted an agent who said as per law witness just need to sign the application and said he will get it done with a bribe of 10000 rs.

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