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Moti Ram clerk in Municipal Corporation Faridabad

Reported on January 15, 2020 from Faridabad , Haryana  ι Report #219252

On 02/12/2019, I visited MCF office in Sector - 7 Faridabad for taking water bill for my home in Sector - 9, Faridabad.
Clerk Moti Ram who is responsible for water meter reading and bill issuing scared me that since past 1 year dues are outstanding, and that I will have to cough up 10,000/- rupees bill, as Haryana Govt has enhanced water charges and he can help me by adjusting bill to lesser amount, but I will have to pay Rs 5,000/- bribe to him.
I told him that no reading was taken since last 1 year and no bill issued to me, but he insisted that I will have to cough up Rs 10,000/- for 1 year water charges that would not be adjusted in subsequent bills.....
I wanted to verify his claim with higher authority, but other clerks told that he is right.
There was no notice board in MCF Sector - 7 office informing about actual Govt water charges. There was no board displaying anti-corruption complaint numbers in that office, neither greviance registration available on MCF website !
Feeling helpless, and threatened by Moti Ram's threat of dicoonnection of water supply, I paid Rs 4,000/- to him in cash at Sector - 7 MCF office.

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