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My mom/dad bribed

Reported on July 29, 2017 from Tumkur , Karnataka  ι Report #166840

This is a guy called "Shiv Shankar" , I am visiting Tumkur ddpi office from past 10-20 days for some of my mom/dad's job this guy took 5k rs to make the work done , and I see people who come to visit him should wait for a long time , he s close with present ddpi so he may also have some support , and every one come to visit this fellow s scared including my parents thinking that what ify job isn't done, and even after taking the bribe he is asking bribe again just to handover the file , it's same story of every case worker and also ddpi probably , and please keep me anonymous even my parents don't know I have dropped a complaint , and I need status of u don't mind

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