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I live in krishnagiri, tamilnadu and one day I went to Bangalore…

Reported on April 7, 2014 from Krishnagiri , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #40418

I live in krishnagiri, tamilnadu and one day I went to Bangalore for my official work through my bike. traffic police at Victoria Road his name is mallesh naik stopped me after seeing tamilnadu registration and asked me to take documents, I provides Rc, licence, insurance but he asked road tax document. I asked why I need to pay road tax. he said other state vehicles more than 3 months running in bangalore should pay road tax to government. I showed him my toll fee receipt to prove that I came to Bangalore from krishnagiri. but he did listen at all. He said that he is going to seize the vehicle and asked me 2000Rupess but I begged him not to do such things then finally he asked 1000 Orelse he will seize the vehicle. finally no other way for me. I cant waste my time by going to court to prove my truth and I can't walk from banglore to home. so I paid.

My father worked as a district judge and he still travelling to ciurt by his bicycle. He lovesd his job and not even misused single persons. before giving that money I said abiut my background. that ugly fellow was very confident that he needs my money. After I paid money I asked receipt but he scold me to clear the area. This is my story, though I have all correct documents I paid such money. Dear india you won't help people who loose money what they earned. so im proud of you.

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