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Paid a bribe of 800 Rs for police verification in Raniganj Pratapgah UP

Reported on August 22, 2015 from Pratapgarh , Tripura  ι Report #67669

I had applied for a new passport and after about 10 days, I got a call on 10Jan 2015 from Raniganj Pratapgarh police station for verification of my identity . He asked me to come to police station and meet him to complete the process

I went to the police station , with all my identification documents and met Sub -inspector . After looking at my documents he asked me to pay him Rs 1500. I asked him why was he asking me for money and told him that I had all the required documents in place for him to complete the process. His tone suddenly changed and he said 'if I don't sign, then you won't get your passport'. I paid them 1000 Rs and came back home.
I was helpless and can't complain about this bribe to anyone in police station and not even to SP Office Pratapgarh because they all contribute this bribed money as told by the Sub Inspector.

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